Genre: Comedy
Black humor
Format: Animated television series
Created by: Dominick Castro
Directed by: Alfred Adams
Laura Craft
Voices of: Jerry Simpson
Eric Cross
Howie Phillips
Debra Barnes
Country of origin: Canada
United States
Language(s): English
No. of seasons: 4
No. of episodes: 97 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s): Karen Dahl
Walter Kolb
Delmar Wills
Patricia Raynor
Producer(s): Lucas Pound
Running time: 10 minutes
Production company(s): Cartoon Network Studios
Distributor: Johnathan Moore
Original channel: Cartoon Network
Original run: July 24, 2007 - April 13, 2011
Status: Ended
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Jim-George is an American-animated comedy television series created by Domonick Castro that aired on Cartoon Network on July 24, 2007, and ended on April 13, 2011. The series had a total of 4 seasons and 97 episodes broadcast.

The show follows two 24-year old twins, named Jim and George, living together in a small house built on the very top of Hoppity Hill. In every episode, their lives turn upside-down, and Hoppity Hill never stays the same, especially when they are too busy working in an office.


  • Jim Hammer (voiced by Jerry Simpson) is a twin brother of George's, and is very agile. He wears a yellow tie. He strangely loves office work more than anyone else at his work place.
  • George Jammer (voiced by Eric Cross) is a creative, yet dimwitted twin brother of Jim's, who wears a green tie. He reads cookbooks and loves to make unusual breakfasts, from alien eggs and vanilla-frosted hash brownies to "mystery-flavored" milk. In the first episode "Battle for Breakfast," George attends a breakfast contest, where a contestant has to make Hoppity Hill's Bestest Best Breakfast in the Morning.
  • Pafa Don (voiced by Howie Phillips) is Jim and George's magical father.
  • Mama Mix (voiced by Debra Barnes) is Jim and George's ill-tempered and bossy mother, who can do anything to keep her two sons out of trouble.
  • Scruffy is George's pet dog, who he has recently adopted from the "Excuse For A Pet" store.

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Dominick Castro (age 42), holding a poster of Jim and George, drawn when he was a teenager (created using a black pen and some colored markers).

Dominick Castro (born on April 27, 1968; Hemingway, South Carolina), the creator of Cartoon Network's Jim-George, had the idea of this show since he was ten years old.

Dominick had spent most of his childhood drawing comics. One of his comics, Jim-George, inspired an animation that he desperately wanted to make as an adult.

When he entered high school in 1982, he showed a picture of Jim and George to his homeroom teacher to put on the board for everyone to see. More than a hundred fellow students admired Castro's work. After years of sending in drawings for the board, he was given a "Most Creative" certificate on the final day of high school, along with an advanced college degree.

In 2005, Dominick began to work at the Cartoon Network Studios, where he got to share his Jim and George idea with the other employees. At this point, he finally got to animate his two characters. On May 2007, Cartoon Network announced that Jim-George will premiere on July 24 at 6:00 PM.