NOTE: This page may not be updating a lot because I'm too busy on other things to document all of the events that have happened on this wiki, someone will help me to update the page, Okay, anyone out there who knows what's happening on the wiki, will you help me to update the page? Thank you. -Finnbinn/Finleysmall25/2000TopGearDog/Finley Small

This is a page for events that have recently happened on this wiki.


  • Finley's World is now moved to Nickelodeon because Cartoon Network doesn't get many movies like Nickelodeon expect that they made a Regular Show movie once. (05/12/2015)
  • Finley's World is now moved to Disney Channel and Disney XD because Nickelodeon is a company with a lots of companies but not like other companies such as 20th Century Fox and I wanted Finley's World to reference the company in the show but that won't happen if it's on Nickelodeon, I mean imagine if South Park reference Comedy Central and Comedy Central is just a TV network and it's not like other companies like 20th Century Fox. Thought not. So yeah, Finley's World is now on Disney Channel and Disney XD, so there. (26/03/2016)
  • Finley's World Wiki has merged to Greeny Phatom Wiki.
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