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Welcome to the Finley's World Wiki, the ultimate information database focused on Finley's fanon series Finley's World. Just a note, everything you see on this wiki is entirely fake. So don't get tricked into thinking it's real. I hope you have a nice time there. Thank you.

-Finnbinn/Finleysmall25/2000TopGearDog/Finley Small


  1. No swearing (unless if you bleep them out) or any inappropriate attire here (because this is a family friendly wiki).
  2. If you see Greecity2011 and his alts, Pingux2012, Alexjake14, "King of this Wiki" and spammers from the Greeny Phatom, Geo's World, Luke City, Greeny Michael or any other Greenytoons wikis, please report to Finnbinn IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Vandalism is outlawed on this wiki. If you vandalise a page and vandalise many others we (Finnbinn (Finleysmall25/2000TopGearDog/Finley Small) or anyone else like ToonLinkMinions11) will block you. And absolutely NO Wikia contributors looking for a wiki to spam.
  4. If you violate ANY of these rules, you will be blocked from the wiki. If you do something very, VERY bad (i.e. vandalize too many pages), you may get a block for up to 20 years.
  5. PLEASE do not spam the categories of every page by putting the title of the wiki in as a category, because it is unneccessary.
  6. No Lflan80521 allowed
  7. Have fun!


Check out Finley's World Wiki News, a news page about some of the events happening on this wiki.

NOTE: I may not be updating the page alot because I'm too busy on other things to document all of the events that have happened on this wiki, someone will help me to update the page, Okay, anyone out there who knows what's happening on the wiki, will you help me to update the page? Thank you. -Finnbinn/Finleysmall25/2000TopGearDog/Finley Small

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